Edina Dry Cleaners and Coin Laundry

by | May 7, 2013 | Business

Many Dry cleaning and laundry services may also do commercial linen services. When you are looking for a dry cleaning service you want a company that has attention to detail, has quick turn around for your clothing and dry cleans many types of materials from leather and suede to suits and wool. Companies like Edina Dry Cleaners have been in business for many years and they have great attention to detail. In addition to a dry cleaning service. they have a coin laundry and commercial laundry services. Their coin laundry facility has a knowledgeable attendant on site during business hours.

At Edina Dry Cleaners you can even purchase or rent floor mats. If you have a business like a commercial office you want nice clean and dry floor mats at your own entrance door to help keep the floors or rugs clean. These floor mats can be collected and switched out for clean ones through the rental service. If you want to buy them, they do sell floor mats.

If you just want your clothes, rugs, comforters, or pillows dry cleaned they can do that too. If you are not sure what can be dry cleaned and you have a particular item, bring that by and I am sure they can tell you. Wedding dress preservation is one thing that many dry cleaners do. When you want your special dress preserved you want it done by someone who cares about their business and will treat your items like they were their own. That is who I would do business with. From commercial laundry services to coin laundry or dry cleaning services it seems that any type of item you need or want cleaned can be done here. They do not take short cuts to clean your items and most often you can get same day service for your dry cleaning. This is a bonus if you find out your favorite suit or dress is dirty and you need it shortly since you want to wear it. This dry cleaning and laundry facility has a quick turnaround and gives the company quality and convenience with reasonable rates. They do even have specials and a loyalty program so you never have to clip or save coupons for your dry cleaning again.


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