DUI Attorneys in Washington, DC – How to Get Reduced Charges

by | Oct 11, 2013 | Lawyers

Driving under the influence (DUI) laws were not as severe in the past. They would receive a warning to not do it again and a slap on the wrist. Times are changing, and DUI’s can result in more serious consequences like losing your driver’s license. DUI Attorneys in Washington DC can help with getting penalties minimized.

Driving under the influence is a serious matter. People who continue to get behind the wheel will get more serious charges and offenses. It is also important to not be rude when talking to an officer. A driver can make things worse by using curse words or acting erratic. It helps to think positively when seeing the headlights behind your car.

An experienced lawyer can be the difference between getting a conviction or dismissal of a charge. You want to find someone that practice in DWI in Washington, DC and criminal cases. If you choose someone who practices in another area like real estate law, then there is the possibility of the lawyer not understanding the DUI laws.

Criminal defendants in a DWI case can ask the judge to reduce the charges. This is a good move when not having the evidence to win the case in your favor. Deferral of prosecution is available in some states. It involves the judge deferring the case and setting conditions for the defendant to follow. Defendants may be required to sign up for alcohol counseling, pay fines, or participate in community service. When the conditions are satisfied, the charges are dismissed and come off your record.

Some states provide special programs for rehabilitating repeat offenders. Criminal defendants have the option of participating and completing the program to get a sentence reduction. However, participants must take the program seriously and make a commitment to complete the program. This can lead to serving no jail time or reducing the sentence.

Frederick J. Brynn law firm has years of experience of dealing with DUI and DWI cases. They can help with getting your charges reduced or dismissed. The judge picks certain candidates for entering these types of programs. It is possible to get a dismissal with the right legal representation from DUI Attorneys in Washington, DC.

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