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A dog bite can be a mild or very painful experience. No matter what the outcome is, you should not fear for your health because of a dog bite. It is important to act quickly with a dog bite, no matter how trivial it seems. If the dog is not up to date with its shots, you have the chance of contracting diseases.

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Q: I was bitten by a dog! Can I sue?
A: The short answer is yes. The dog should never be in a position where it can bite a person. The owner should have the dog on a leash at all times. Because the dog is on a leash, the owner should be able to control it and instantly pull the dog away if it appears the dog is about to attack. It is not your job to stay away from the dog, nor is it your job to be on watch simply because there’s a dog in your vicinity.

Q: How do I know if I’m infected by a dog bite?
A: You need to see a doctor immediately following the dog bite. You should also get all of the dog’s paperwork and information on shots from the owner. Hopefully the owner is around when the dog bites you and can easily give you this information, if only for peace of mind. You should still see a doctor no matter what the paperwork says. A dog bite can easily become infected and you most likely will be put on antibiotics to keep your immune system fighting any infection that occurs.

Q: How do I find a dog bite lawyer Fredricksburg?
A: Find a dog bite lawyer with experience. It is very common for dog bite cases to settle out of court. This usually results in funds paid to the victim for any damages, medical bills and possibly loss wages. If you have an experienced dog bit lawyer on your side, it will be a fairly simple process.

Most dog owners do not want to fool with going to court because their dog bit someone. Unless the funds you are suing for are extremely high, expect for the case to be settled out of court. Even if the person cannot pay the settlement all at once, you will get a chunk of the money owed and payments until it is paid in full.

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