Do you really need an emergency plumber?


Plumbing is one of those dark, hidden services in your home; there is no way to know in advance what is going to happen or when. Because of this, a plumbing problem can crop up at any time, they do not always happen during daytime business hours and you may be faced with calling emergency plumbers in Surrey. Before you call though, make sure that the issue is truly an emergency; an emergency call-out in the middle of the night, although at times a necessity can be very expensive.

Imagine this scenario; you are awoken in the middle of the night by an unfamiliar sound, you get up to investigate it and when you enter the kitchen you find yourself standing in water; what do you do?

In a case like this the first thing any homeowner should do is to shut off the water supply from the mains, this will at least prevent any further damage from occurring. If, when you look around and you see where the water is actually coming from, you can shut off the supply to the offending fixture as all fixtures have an independent valve. At times these valves can be difficult to close, perhaps a build-up of lime has “frozen” them in the open position; in this case the main valve is where you head.

Have a good look at the situation and assess the urgency of a repair. If the problem was in the bathroom and the cause is an overflowing toilet, closing the valve or otherwise stopping the water flow will stop the problem as long you do not flush. Most localized problems can wait until morning. If you were able to shut off the supply to the problem fixture, you often can use another. If the kitchen sink is the problem, use the sink in the bathroom for washing up if need be.

If, in your opinion it is a true emergency situation then you have no other option but to call the plumbers in Surrey who offer 24 x 7 services. Be ready to give the plumber as many details as you can, there may be something that the plumber can pass on to you which will allow you to make a temporary fix until the plumber can arrive in the morning.

If you do suffer from a plumbing problem, including blocked drains; DrainBoss Plumbing & Drainage are the plumbers in Surrey that can respond at any time of the day or night.

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Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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