Divorce Attorney in Prince George’s County

by | May 8, 2024 | Lawyers and Law Firms

Couples that have gone through a divorce know how difficult it can be. Not only is there the emotional aspects of the divorce, but the process of ending a partnership involves many steps. The Law Offices of Sandra Guzman-Salvado in Prince George’s County can help couples through their divorce so that both parties have a desired outcome. They can help with many aspect of the divorce, from division of assets to child custody.

Many attorneys even offer mediation to make the divorce process that much smoother. A Divorce Mediation is great for couples who can make mutual agreements that are beneficial to everyone involved. While many divorces end up in the courtroom, they don’t have to. In a mediation, couples will present their position on aspects of the divorce. Everything pertaining to the divorce can be discussed during mediation. Their positions will be heard by a neutral mediator who will help both parties come to an agreement. In the end, the divorce is handled smoothly and effectively without the need for litigation.

Division of assets is one of the biggest parts of a divorce. Couples who purchase or share assets such as homes or bank account need to consider how they are to split their assets. Divorce Lawyers will be able to plead a party’s case in a court of law should it come to that. They are knowledgeable in their field and will help split assets in a way that’s beneficial to all. While the assets are important, debts also need to be split. An attorney can help couples figure out how to split responsibility for debts as well.

During a divorce with couples who have children, the well being of the children is the most important aspect. It’s important to ensure that the children are in good hands and have the support they need. A Child Custody Lawyer can represent a party and litigate on their behalf to ensure that the children have adequate support.

All in all, a divorce attorney in Prince George’s County can help people through all aspects of their divorce. They are there to help people make decisions and provide representation in a court of law. Their help can make all the difference.

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