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Think about women’s clothing from India, and colorful silk sarees will spring to mind. South Indian brides still prefer traditional silk sarees for their wedding day attire. Saree designs have come a far way today, keeping in touch with changing trends. Merchants from Southern India are best recognized for their creative improvements and new saree styles, and they have made it easier to buy sarees online in India today. This information will shed some light around the latest improvements in saree styles in Southern India.

One top place to buy sarees online in India is Sri Kumaran Silks. They are a Chennai-based company, which is responsible for the most significant developments in the field of designer sarees today.

Combination of Saree and Shirt

Sri Kumaran Silks, based in Chennai, has released a set combining a saree and a shirt, which is called ‘Jodi Pattu.’ These designs feature matching the bride’s saree with the husband’s shirt. The shirt and saree are both made with pure handloom spun silk. This is one of the most elegant designs available for women who buy sarees online in India.

The Color-Altering Saree

Saree designers also produced sarees made from silk that can change color. Once the person putting on the saree walks away from her house, the colors on the saree change. The South Indian merchants declare that this is a global first in saree innovation and is among the most popular designs with the women who buy sarees online in India.

The Krishna Durbar Sarees

Durbar Krishna sarees are produced by RMKV. These sarees illustrate famous images of a well-known Indian deity, the divine and almighty Krishna. Swarowski deposits are also stitched in to these exquisite clothes.
The pictures of Krishna are believed to create great luck towards the individual.

The Zipper Saree

Another very modern concept by Sri Kumaran Silks in designer silk sarees is the zipper saree. They have designed these sarees with four distinct well-matched pallus. Each pallu comes with an attached zipper. The individual can simply remove one pallu, then fasten a new one.

Pocket Sarees

Another modern styled saree features a pocket for anyone who needs a place for her mobile phone. This pocketed saree also offers room for other small objects.

Landscape Sarees

A well-known export to the west world, it is really a new design development for a new kind of saree. Landscape sarees are made with pure woven silk and embellish moments of rural landscapes. A number of Hollywood and well-known celebrities have worn this specific saree at a much talked about occasion recently.

The Jeans Saree

Are you able to accept this as true? They have even produced the jeans saree! Another of the most popular designs with women who buy sarees online in India today, the jeans sarre was also created by the infamous Sri Kumaran Silks of South India. While not exactly denim, but an imaginative design technique given to these pure silk sarees so they acquire the appearance of denim, they retain the highest soft feel of fine silk.

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