Different Types of Auto Insurance Policies

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Auto insurance is basically meant to protect you and others financially speaking, when an auto accident occurs. This explains why car insurance is mandatory in Birdsboro PA. It is considered a form of social responsibility. When seeking for auto insuranceBirdsboro, PA there is basic knowledge that you need to know. A common coverage is liability insurance. This kind of coverage covers damage done to others. It is usually written in three numbers to represent the bodily coverage per person, accident and property damage per accident. For instance, 20/30/10 would indicate 20,000 dollars bodily coverage per person, 30,000 dollars bodily coverage per accident and 10,000 dollars property damage per accident.

There is a certain minimum level of liability insurance that you must pay according to your state. This includes the bodily injury liability, which caters for medical bills and lost wages to pay for damages you cause to others. Property damage liability basically will later cover replacement of the property that you destroyed during the accident such as cars or fences. The amount to take for any of the three options will be dependent on state laws and your financial well being. Most insurance advisers will recommend a huge amount on bodily injury protection to prevent future legal problems like being sued.

The others are the collision and comprehensive coverage. Unlike liability insurance, collision coverage covers your own car in such a way that any repair costs are catered for after the accident. If the car is totaled you are given full compensation for the actual value of your car. The premium costs can be higher but you can reduce this by raising your deductible.

On the other hand, comprehensive coverage will cover damages that have not occurred due to car accidents. It could be theft, vandalism or natural disasters. Ask your agent about the comprehensive coverage since it varies significantly depending on the auto insurance policy you select. You can also take medical payments commonly referred to as MedPay to cater for any medical expenses you incur together with your passengers in the event of an accident. This auto insurance will be very beneficial in case you are driving someone else’s car so long as you are insured and the person allowed you to drive the car. However, it might be difficult to get compensation if someone else is at fault.

Auto Insurance Birdsboro, PA

Auto Insurance Birdsboro, PA

The other common auto insurance coverage is PIP. Personal Injury Protection covers not only medical expenses of any injured persons during the accident (yourself and your passengers) but also funeral expenses. However, you can skip this type of coverage if you have a good health and disability insurance. If someone without insurance strikes your car or you are involved in a hit and run, you can get uninsured motorist coverage to cater for all your medical expenses. Other extras like towing, road side assistance, rental reimbursement and gap coverage can also be considered.

There are different types of coverage you can take when looking for Auto Insurance Birdsboro, PA You need to know what they are so that you can make an informed decision. To learn more, visit Richardihartins.com.

Auto Insurance Birdsboro, PA

Auto Insurance Birdsboro, PA

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