Different Criminal Offenses and the Need to Get a Lawyer


Criminal offenses are sensitive and once a person falls a victim of such offenses, it might be difficult for such a person to lead his or her previous normal life. This is due to the fact that criminal offenses are referred to as the act of transgressing law ,and the moral principle of a human being and therefore it is subject to severe punishment by the law. Criminal Lawyer In Princess Anne MD could be categorized into three major denominations; according to the United States of America: felonies, misdemeanors and infractions. Felonies for instance is a category of criminal offense which is regarded to be the most serious, and thus subject to unbearable punishment such as more than one year of imprisonment, execution and also life in prison without parole. Cases such as murder, kidnapping, rape, armed robbery and grand theft are fall under this category.

Misdemeanor on the other hand is relatively less severe than felonies which might result in 12 months of maximum sentence and or even less than 12 months in prison. Simple battery is an example of misdemeanor, and possession of more than one ounce of marijuana falls under this category. In addition, driving under the influence of alcohol is a form of misdemeanor but when a person gets killed or gets seriously injured, it becomes a felony crime.

Infraction is a form of crime in which a person could be let to stay in jail for a period that does not equal to a sentence. They are normally petty and are normally punishable through fines. They are normally local and might not be as serious as felonies and misdemeanor. The other sub category that perhaps falls under felony is capital crime. Capital crime is somehow different from other forms of felony crimes as its punishment means loss of life of the accused.

However, whichever the offense, you can always get a Criminal Lawyer Princess Anne MD. A typical criminal lawyer in Princess Anne MD will assure you of maximum representation from the time of application of the suit towards the time it is determined. No matter the situation, you can always get an attorney who may help you gain favor before the judge no matter the situation.


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