Dental Implants in DC Cover Gaps in Smiles


Dental patients sometimes get confused when they ask about implantology. This form of smile restoration involves adding an artificial root in the gum so the dentists can add a restoration such as a cap, bridge, or similar prosthetic. In some instances, patients may receive fixed dentures.

Clearing up Any Misconceptions

Some people believe that dental implants in DC are these restorations. However, these are the artificial roots that make hold the restorations and keep them intact. Therefore, you can permanently resolve a smile problem with this type of treatment. You just need to discuss your specific needs with the dentist first.

For example, some people have dental implants placed so they can fill in gaps in their smiles. Once the roots fuse to the bone, they can add a restoration such as a bridge or cap. Maybe the patient needs more extensive work. If so, a denture may be added in these instances.

Definitely Worth the Wait

Again, the dental implants that are placed depend on what you want to use for a restoration. You just need to be patient during the process. However, you will find that it will be worth the wait. Most dental patients report that this form of dental therapy makes it possible for them to smile more easily as well as eat again. Artificial roots are very similar in structure to the real thing. Therefore, they make it possible for patients to regain their smiles and enjoyment of eating and food.

Get Your Questions Answered Today

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Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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