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Oral hygiene is very important. By keeping your oral health in tip top shape, you keep your teeth in strong, working order and avoid the discomfort of cavities, gum disease, and abscessed teeth. For children, oral hygiene is especially important. Of course you want your children to avoid any oral discomfort. You also want to protect their adult teeth as they come in, so they can be healthy and last for a lifetime. Regularly scheduled visits to a Children’s Dentist in Honolulu can keep your children’s teeth clean and their mouths healthy.

Children should have their teeth cleaned regularly. Semi-annual visits are recommended. At these visits, your child’s teeth will be X-rayed to look for cavities or growth problems. Their teeth will be thoroughly cleaned by a skilled hygienist. The dentist will then inspect your child’s teeth for cavities or other problems, which can then be treated with fillings or by other dental procedures. Regular cleanings are hugely beneficial in preventing gum disease. They also provide early detection of problems so they can be attended to before they become more serious. Catching problem’s early protects the teeth and mouth from unnecessary decay and discomfort. There are a couple of key preventative measures your Children’s Dentist in Honolulu will take to protect your children’s teeth even further.

Once your child’s teeth have been thoroughly cleaned, they will be given a fluoride treatment. Fluoride prevents cavities from forming in the first place. It does this by protecting the teeth from acid that can erode enamel. Fluoride also strengthens enamel, further protecting the teeth from decay. Fluoride treatments are painless and only last a matter of minutes. The protection they provide to your children’s teeth is invaluable.

Another method your Children’s Dentist in Honolulu will likely use to care for and protect your children’s teeth is called sealants. The teeth at the back of the mouth, known as molars, are especially prone to cavities. Sealants are a protective coating that is painted on the back teeth. They are totally clear and invisible, but they provide excellent protection to the biting surfaces of molars. By keeping plaque and bacteria off of the surface of your children’s back teeth, sealants are an effective method of cavity protection.

Children’s dentist Honolulu -With the help of Pedodontic associates in Honolulu, you can spare your children unnecessary discomfort, keep their teeth strong and healthy, and avoid expensive treatments for preventable dental problems. get in touch with them.

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