Deadlines for Bus Rental in New Jersey

by | Aug 29, 2022 | Transportation

How far in advance do you have to book? How far in advance do you need the deposit? If you’re considering bus rental in New Jersey for the first time, you undoubtedly have questions. Look over the following tips to get the most from your charter experience.

How Far in Advance Do You Have to Book Your Bus?

Scheduling a trip at the last minute can leave you without suitable accommodations. Bus companies tend to hire out their fleet on a first-come, first-serve basis. That doesn’t mean you’re out of luck. Flexibility is key when renting large vehicles. Certain providers allow you to schedule a trip up to the day you depart.

That doesn’t mean you should put this off. Scheduling in advance means getting the accommodations you want versus settling for whatever is left. You could get more room and amenities and have the relief of getting your transportation needs out of the way.

When Do You Need to Place Your Deposit?

This is another issue that depends on your rental company. To schedule a bus rental in New Jersey, many businesses require a deposit upfront. Others will work with you on a more practical schedule and require a deposit within a week or two of your trip.

Most people book in that time frame, and no one wants to needlessly lose out on business. You can find companies that will hold your rental without a deposit held in advance, though. Without one, however, you have no guarantee your bus will be available when you need it.

How Far in Advance Do do You Need to Cancel?

This is especially important for people who have had to put down a deposit. Read these stipulations carefully if you have planned your trip in a short period. Deposits may not be fully refundable within 30 days of your journey, regardless of whether you booked it two weeks before departure. These are things you can try to negotiate when you put down your deposit.

One alternative to risking a deposit for charter bus rental in New Jersey is purchasing travel insurance. Not only will it cover the prepaid costs for transportation, lodging, and entertainment, but you may be able to find a plan with extra services as well. Just make sure you read your policy’s fine print to determine the cancellation reasons it supports.

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