Cutting Materials with the Power of Water

by | May 13, 2013 | Waterjet

When your business involves cutting or carving materials, there are a wide range of different tools that can be used to make your job of cutting or carving much more efficient. However, there are few tools that can be more effective from the standpoint of efficiency and cost-effectiveness than a Waterjet cutter. While these types of tools aren’t new, they’re being used in more applications as their benefits have become better known to industries that do great deal of carving and cutting materials such as metal, stone and glass.

The premise behind a waterjet cutter is actually very simple. Water is fed into a high-pressure nozzle and the water is also mixed with an abrasive substance, either garnet or aluminum oxide. This stream of water and abrasive mixtures is used to effectively cut a wide range of different materials of varying thicknesses.

Many of these waterjet cutters also come equipped with high pressure water pumps. This is because water that comes from a municipal source or from your facility out of a faucet simply doesn’t have the right amount of pressure that is needed to properly operate a water jet cutter.

All waterjet cutters are extremely efficient at cutting a wide variety of different materials, one of the main benefits to using this type of cutter is that it doesn’t compromise the integrity of the material that is being cut. When a sheet of metal is cut by a blade, a great deal of heat results from the blade cutting through the metal.

This can disrupt the internal properties of the metal and actually weaken the metal itself. Since a waterjet cutter doesn’t produce any heat when the material is being cut, there is no disturbance of the composition of the material. As such, there will be less fatigue and stress exerted on the material that is being cut.

Using a Waterjet is an efficient way of cutting a wide variety of different materials. If your business requires a great deal of cutting, whether it’s glass, stone, metal or any other type of material, you may want to consider using a waterjet cutter. Its precise method of cutting, its quick cutting action and its ability to not weaken the materials that it is cutting are plenty of reasons to seriously consider using this type of device.


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