Custom Home Builders in Minocqua WI Create a Residential Library With Paneling and Built-In Shelving


Not everyone is so sure about paneling, especially if they equate it with mobile homes, finished basements and old houses converted to apartments. Custom Home Builders in Minocqua WI, however, understand why some men and women are having a high-end house constructed want paneling in certain rooms for specific effects. For example, paneling can convey a rustic environment. It can be ideal for a cozy family room or a den with a masculine flair.

A Home Library

Custom Home Builders in Minocqua WI also may receive a request for paneling in a room that will function as a home library. The property owners may have always wanted a peaceful place like this in their residence where their family members can read in quiet and privacy. The look can be one of classic elegance, like that of a historic college library, or it can be more casual.

Wood in the Design

In both historic libraries and country homes, wood tends to be a frequent part of the design. Property owners who hire a contractor such as Larry Meyer Construction Co. LLC. May want a blend of both these aspects for the library they’ll have in their new house. Built-in shelving with glass doors allows them to enjoy the setting without the need for a frequent dusting of books.

Specific Features

By the time the property owners hire a contractor, they’ll know exactly how they want all the rooms to look. Regarding the library, they’ll know the color of the paneling they prefer and where all the shelving will be placed. They may want some slanted shelves for magazines and removable boards for spacing adjustments. They’ll need to decide if they like the idea of large windows or if they want a room that feels more like a hidden sanctuary.

A Fireplace for Ambiance

The contractor may be asked to include a fireplace for ambiance and warmth in Wisconsin’s long winters. In this type of climate, a fireplace can be used most of the year. Relaxing in a comfortable chair and reading an enjoyable book is a serene experience.Click here for details on a custom home building contractor.

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    Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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