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Some people have a phobia about cremation. The fear is that it’s disrespectful to the departed. Though, in reality a funeral with a cremation in Middletown can be just as involved as one with a burial. There can be full visiting hours and a proper ceremony with the body in the casket and everything. The thing to keep in mind is that the land around Middletown isn’t very cheap; if it’s expensive for real estate it’s expensive for graveyards too.

Here’s the thing about burials: they’re very expensive, you have to pay for the land and the vault. Graveyard plots go for a lot of money as do headstones. It might seem callous to think about such things but it’s reality. Having a cremation doesn’t just allow you to avoid that expense it allows you to put your loved one at rest somewhere that means more to them than a graveyard. If they had a favorite place you can make going there a special moment for the family to put them at rest. Grandpa had a favorite fishing place? Why not let his remains spend eternity there?

It might seem disrespectful somehow to incinerate the remains, but it’s really no worse than sealing them in a box, in a box to decompose. After death there are no dignified treatments for the body, and ultimately it comes down to the person’s wishes. If you want to show respect it should be with a proper funeral and with how you treated them when they were alive, not spending thousands and thousands of dollars for a small space of land. It’s important to have the conversation with the family too. People will often bury if they don’t know the person wanted cremation because they’re not sure.

If you want to be cremated then let the family know. It doesn’t matter that you’re young and full of health and vitality, the fact of the matter is disaster can strike at any time. It’s important for people to have an idea of how you want your body handled. If you don’t have a will it might not be a terrible idea to have one made. It is important to have these uncomfortable conversations though, that cannot be stressed enough. Prearranging and paying for a funeral might not be a bad idea, but at the least you want to discuss things in general terms with the family. You could get hit by a car crossing the street in Middletown, such things happen and are impossible to plan for but having discussed plans at least can ease the process.


Cremation Middletown – If you are looking for cremation service in Middletown, John P. Condon Funeral homes, a family owned and operated funeral home local to the Middletown area is willing to provide the cremation and service you want.

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