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While many homes in the Kirkland WA, area will use standard tar-based roofing shingles, it’s not surprising to find homes with terracotta style roofing materials. These roofing materials are typically used in Spanish influenced designs, but many modern homes use this type of roof as well. The problem is, while these tiles can take a great deal of abuse, they can still be a bit fragile. However, if you want to improve the look of your home with Roofing in Kirkland WA, there are ways to achieve a Spanish style roof without using delicate materials.

Today, there are alternatives to terracotta tiles. There are various types of tiles that offer the look of terracotta with the strength of upgraded materials. In fact, there are roofs created with terracotta-like tiles that are actually built from aluminum. These tiles have a base material of aluminum with an alloy steel coating. Over top of that steel coating is a stone chip enamel that gives the tile its terracotta appearance. However, with the base materials being metal, you will enjoy several benefits.

For example, most people understand metal roofing lasts longer than tile or shingled roofs. In addition to extended longevity, because the base materials of these tiles include a zinc/aluminum composite, these roofing tiles are actually going to be much lighter than a standard terracotta tile. This will offer less strain on the roof trusses, and this can be especially significant with older homes.

In addition, because of the stone chip enamel applied to the surface of the tile, the choice of colors is endless. If you want to go with the standard color, you’ll find these tiles in plentiful supply. If you’re looking for a custom color, you’ll have a wide variety of different colored tiles to choose from.

As you can see, when it comes to Roofing in Kirkland WA, your options for improving the look of your home are quite significant. If you want to choose a Spanish influenced design scheme for the exterior of your home, these types of tiles can help you achieve that look. All you need to do is speak with a roofing company or look online for more information about these types of tiles.

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    Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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