Crawl Space Encapsulation in Tacoma, Washington

by | Oct 14, 2013 | Home And Garden

In lieu of the basement in your home, many homes in the Tacoma, Washington area employ the use of crawlspaces. This allows homeowners as well as professional tradesmen such as electricians and plumbers to gain access to electrical wiring and piping laid underneath the home. Unfortunately, these crawlspaces can be a haven for rodents and bugs. That’s why many exterminators offer different options in dealing with a infested Crawl Space in Tacoma. One of those methods is known as encapsulation.

Encapsulation basically turns your crawlspace into a clean Crawl Space in Tacoma with a very effective approach. The first step will be to remove the bugs and rodent problem that you may have in your crawlspace.

The next phase, after the bug and rodent problem has been taking care of, is the crawlspace floor will be covered and a drain fabric that will give the floor a smoother texture and will be a powerful moisture barrier suppressing things such as excessive humidity or mold growth within your crawlspace. In addition to the drain fabric, rodent and termite resistance wall liners will be affixed to the wall areas of your crawlspace. From there, a thick floor liner will be installed over the drain fabric to give your crawlspace a uniform look.

Spray foam can then be applied to any areas that may allow bugs and other pests to come in. In addition, vent covers or any hatchway entrances to the crawlspace are replaced with airtight covers and doors which should be effective in keeping bugs and rodents out of your crawlspace. In addition, with this being a very clean area, should rodents or bugs get into your clean space, it will be much easier to notice than it was before the encapsulation.


Whether it’s a moisture problem that could lead to mold and mildew and affect the air quality of your home or whether it’s the infestation of rodents or other pests, the encapsulation process of your Crawl Space in Tacoma can take care of the situation effectively. You can hire a contractor that handles this or you may find that many exterminators will handle this job themselves as part of the services they provide to customers.

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