Cosmetic Procedures Performed by Dentist in Arlington, TX

by | Oct 16, 2013 | Dentist

Top Cosmetic Dentists in Arlington specializes in a type of dental science focusing on improving your smile. This type of dentistry performs numerous types of dental procedures such as those for rehabilitation, cosmetic enhancements, and tooth restorations.

These dentists specialize in crowns and porcelain veneers to beautify teeth and fix discolored, chipped, or broken teeth. Porcelain is an excellent substance to use for dental work because it can be colored to match your existing teeth. This allows the veneers or crowns to blend in perfectly with the teeth you already have for a natural appearance. Crowns are more supportive and durable than veneers and do not have the same careful maintenance process that veneers do. To restore the full functioning of your mouth and teeth crowns may be a better option than veneers.

One of the most performed procedures by any given dentist in Arlington, TX is teeth whitening or bleaching. Although you can buy these products over the counter, professional teeth whitening has much better and quicker results when performed by Dentist in Arlington, TX. Store bought whiteners require repeated treatment while professional whitening is a one time application. Dental bonding is another procedure that can be performed to improve the appearance of your smile. This bonding uses a tooth colored resin to fill in the contours or spaces between teeth. It is also used for fillings in cavities that are visible and to fix discolored or minor tooth chips.

Another way to cosmetically enhance your smile is through braces that can straightened misaligned teeth, correct protruding teeth, and fix spaces between teeth. New dental advancement have created an almost invisible form of braces made from a translucent material. Ask your dentist if this is a good option to fix your teeth. These translucent braces are an improvement over traditional metal braces as they do not require the same maintenance such as tightening wires.

While this type of dentistry focuses on smile enhancement and offers special processes to improve the appearance of gums, mouth structure, and teeth, it is still important to research the specific experience and credentials of the dentist you choose. Look at patient pictures to observe results for yourself before deciding to have any work performed. Improving your smile and appearance of your mouth is a big decision to make and choosing the right specialist is important to achieve the best results. Check out Arlington Family Dentistry to help you make the right choice.

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