Coping With Flooding On Your Property

by | May 14, 2013 | Home Improvement

Every year there are countless homeowners that deal with weather related flooding. Despite every measure to protect your home, you may experience flooding when extreme weather circumstances strike. Your belongings, your flooring, walls, and subfloor can be damaged by standing or creeping water. When flooding occurs, you will need Water Extraction In Honolulu HI experts to remove the water as well as any silt, mud, residual moisture, or microbial growth that could cause further damage or threaten your health.


While weather related flooding may be the result of excessive precipitation or run off , there are times when water from the ground, the sea, lakes, or rivers can bring biological or chemical contaminants that create a serious health hazard. Moisture alone can facilitate the growth of mold and bacteria that can cause allergies or respiratory illness. In the most serious cases, mold spores that are inhaled can cause lasting damage to the lungs. Making sure you use a professional water extraction Honolulu, HI expert to extract water and treat for contaminants and microbial growth is essential for protecting the health of those who live in and visit your home after it has flooded.

Professional Water Extraction in Honolulu HI service providers have commercial grade equipment for detecting water and moisture as well as microbial growth. Their professional extraction and drying equipment can address your flooding issue in a matter of days. They will thoroughly extract all moisture from the affected area, treat for mold and bacteria growth as necessary, and set up commercial fans to hasten drying times. They are able to specifically identify both the category and class of your water damage, and to recommend the best approach for addressing damage and restoration. This professional identification is very important, as different types of water damage will require different methods of clean up and restoration.

As would be expected, you will have to evacuate the area of your home, or possibly your entire home, during water damage restoration Honolulu, HI, and may have to be displaced for a number of days. If you have family or friends you can stay with during this time, you should do so. This way you can also protect your health while the flooding is being attended to.

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