Consulting Services For Managing Parking Facilities in the USA


A parking lot in a large city could yield a steady flow of income from various fees. You could hire parking audit consultants for a comprehensive analysis on your physical assets. Such professionals make several important assumptions about your facilities and other major factors that will impact the net income. For example, the experts will consider inflation and other increases in prices in the American economy. When you hire parking audit consultants, you will receive accurate estimates on the projected revenues from outdoor and indoor parking facilities that are part of your portfolio. A five-year cashflow diagram reveals the benefits and costs of operating parking lots and garages in your selected cities. The projections could be adjusted based on the prices of other real estate in the surrounding area.

Building, Expanding and Renovating Parking Facilities

Experienced parking audit consultants provide guidance on building new parking facilities in highly desirable locations in the United States of America. Likewise, you could receive some great tips on renovating and upgrading existing parking lots that have been abandoned or mismanaged in recent years. Outdoor surface lots must be properly repaved and rehabilitated for safe traffic movement. Signs, light poles and other utilities should also be upgraded or replaced at outdoor lots. The conditions of the property will surely determine the fixed rates for the parking spaces. Plants, trees, shrubs and other landscaping could also increase the value of an outdoor parking lot.

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Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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