Consult an Endodontist to Repair These Types of Dental Damage


Your smile is the centerpiece to your entire appearance. When it is not as healthy and intact as you would like it to be, you have the option of seeking specialized dental care to repair it.

Before you make an appointment with an endodontist in Chicago, you can make sure that this dental professional can handle the work that you need to be done. This type of dentist specializes in treating and repairing a variety of damages from which you can suffer.

Cracked Teeth

The enamel on your teeth is not designed to last forever. As you get older, it can crack and chip, leaving you with darkened teeth or teeth with holes in them.

Instead of hiding your smile because of these flaws, you can go to an endodontist in Chicago to have them repaired. Your dental care provider will typically use one of several methods to restore teeth with cracked enamel. The option that is best for you will depend on the condition of your teeth and the extent of the cracks.

You could have the teeth capped or crowned with porcelain that looks just like real tooth enamel. You also could have the teeth removed and replaced with bridges or implants.


Abscesses are another problem that endodontists can readily address. These infections can occur with any tooth. They affect the root of the tooth and can spread rapidly if they are not treated right away.

Your dental provider can perform a root canal procedure to remove the infection and the tooth’s nerve. He or she will then cap or crown the tooth to protect it from breaking.

These types of damage are just two of several that a skilled endodontist can repair. You can find out more about this type of specialized dentistry online. Contact Dental Specialists of North Shore to request more information today.

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Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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