Consolidating Insurance In Winston Salem, NC


Having Insurance Winston Salem, NC for your car and home is very important. But many don’t seem to realize that combining your home, auto, boat, jewelry and other insurance policies under the same company can save you a lot of money. This is because the overhead of administrative costs is lower for your insurance provider. It also generates an increased stream of revenue for the company, making it cheaper for them to maintain your other policies, thus passing those savings down to you. The convenience of doing so is also a huge time saver since you no longer have multiple bills to deal with on a regular basis. You also have the benefit of having a single due date to mark on your calendar, further simplifying management of your insurance.

Even though you can combine your Insurance in Winston Salem, NC policies, it’s often a good idea to call around and do some research. Don’t be afraid to share the details you’ve learned from other agencies either, it allows them to consider further discounts for you if a competitor is beating their policy costs as long as the insurance is comparable. If you’ve already consolidated your policies, you may receive even greater discounts since the new company can more easily transfer all your insurance to them much easier. Keep in mind that not all insurance policies are created equal; even if they appear so on the surface.

Before switching, make sure to talk to your current provider and provide them with the small print. They can go over it and make sure that you don’t have other services you weren’t aware of that are costing you money. Sometimes a quick look from your current provider is all it takes. Other times they will just be comparable and unable to provide a better deal. In that case try to consider the differences in office hours, location, and general customer service. You may come to the conclusion that your current provider has served you well and that saving a few bucks a year just isn’t worth it. Overall having one agency for all your insurance needs is a great idea. Speak with them and they’ll be sure to work something out for you.

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