Considering the Time Frame for Passenger Van Rentals When Planning a Group Trip to a Ball Game


Van Rentals are available from companies that provide sizes ranging from minivans to 15-passenger vehicles. These can be great options for a group traveling to an event in the region, such as a Major League Baseball game. They don’t want to take separate vehicles since it’s more fun to go together. One person has volunteered to be the designated driver so anyone else who wants to indulge in some adult beverages can do so.

Expecting the Unexpected

When arranging for Van Rentals for this type of outing, it’s important to prepare for the unexpected to a certain extent. That doesn’t necessarily mean to expect anything negative to happen, other than perhaps one’s favorite baseball team losing the game. Sometimes, though, an MLB game becomes unexpectedly strange. For instance, it might go into overtime, and theoretically, a baseball game can last forever.

The Longest Major League Baseball Game

Obviously, so far, no MLB game has ever lasted forever. However, it may be startling to hear about the longest MLB battle in history. Fans who aren’t aware of this May 1984 record setter might guess it lasted 17 or 18 innings. It actually lasted for a full 25 innings, which went on for more than eight hours. After all that time had passed, the Chicago White Sox finally beat the Milwaukee Brewers with a score of 7 to 6.

Considering the Hours for Rental

Taking this type of possibility into account makes it clear that customers probably shouldn’t plan to have the van back to a company such as C.C. Rental within a very limited number of hours. There have been several other strangely long games lasting about double the usual nine innings, including Game 3 of the 2018 World Series.

Renting a van for a 24-hour time frame makes it more certain that the group will get to stay for the entire game, if they actually have the stamina to do so. It’s probable that at least one team that has to play for eight hours will run out of pitchers and have to bring in different players for this position. See for van rental details. You can also follow them on Instagram for more information.

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Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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