Consider These Three Factors When Choosing New York City Eyeglass Frames


When picking from the many styles of eyeglasses that New York City opticians have available, there are a few things you want to consider. After all, your glasses are the one accessory item that you will wear every day and everywhere you go. You want to make sure that the frames look great and that you feel comfortable in them.

The Material

The majority of frames will come in either plastic or metal. Along with choosing which material most appeals to your personal taste, think about your vision. Lenses for nearsighted vision are thicker on the edges. This makes plastic a great option while farsighted lenses work beautifully in metal frames.

The Color

While your favorite color is a good place to begin, make sure the frame color complements your complexion. Fair skin with light hair looks amazing with softer pastels while bold colors look great with darker hair and skin colors. Clear frames have also become a popular choice for all. Click here to know more.

The Size

Large frames can be dramatic, but if they overwhelm your face, it can look awkward. Smaller frames suit thinner faces. Think about the size of the lenses too. If you need bifocals or transitional lenses, make sure the frame provides plenty of room for your distance vision as well as reading prescription.

Once you consider these three factors, you will be able to pick perfect frames for the eyeglasses that New York City opticians offer. Visit Charlotte Jones Opticians at

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Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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