Completing Your Medical Degree in the USA


A very easy way to reduce the cost of earning an MBBS and completing your medical degree in the USA is to attend CAAM HP approved medical university in the Caribbean.

These programs provide students with access to top faculty in the medical field, as well as a campus that is designed to support, encourage, and align with the needs of students from India and Asia. Choosing a CAAM HP approved medical university in the Caribbean provides the equivalent education to the best of the American colleges and universities.

Students will also complete Green Book approved ACGME clinical rotations at teaching hospitals in the USA. With the close proximity of the Caribbean to the USA, this is an easy process. It provides the same quality experience and hands-on clinical rotations as students completing their studies at colleges and universities in the USA.

Free PG/Residency

Students completing their study at approved medical training universities in the Caribbean have over an 87% chance of being accepted on their first application to a PG/residency in the USA. The term residency is the equivalent to PG in the American medical training format.

Completing a PG is free for students from qualifying Caribbean medical universities, identical to the options provided for students completing their medical degree in the USA. This allows students to take advantage of lower tuition costs while also having the benefits of a free PG at an ACGME teaching hospital.

While earning a medical degree in the USA has advantages, there are options for students from India to consider to reduce costs without losing any of the advantages of attending an American college.

Zordha Education offers students the opportunity to complete the equivalent of a medical degree in the USA at a CAAM MP certified Caribbean university. To find out more about Spartan Health Sciences University, see us.

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Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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