Common Sewing Machine Issues Affect Anyone


For many families, a sewing machine is a very popular appliance in their home. They can be set up as craft stations or worked with to maintain the life of certain items of clothing. Either way they will be put to extensive use. What do you do when your sewing machine breaks down? Due to the complexity of today’s machines, repairing them at home is out of the question. There are many different Sewing Machine Repair Westchester County NY. The more you understand about how the appliance works the better you can determine who is right to repair it.

When Thread is Bunching

Working with spools of thread can be a real headache. They can easily bunch up or get knotted within the sewing machine. The cheaper threads are a real problem because of the lint from them. For other issues, you may be able to re-thread the unit before going to the machine shop.

Issues with Needles

Needles are just like a knife. If they do not stay sharp, they can lose their edge. Then they will punch into fabric instead of the sliding action. If it should seem like you are going through needles too quickly, then you should make sure that they are feeding through the fabric properly. The needles are very durable. If you have a Sewing Machine Repair Westchester County NY, such as bending then you will want to recheck your technique.

Regular Maintenance

If you are not sure about how to repair a sewing machine, then you must consider hiring a licensed professional to fix it. Multiple uses on a regular basis can cause the equipment to wear down. Especially with industrial sewing machines, you should be aware of how the machine feels when it is in use. Any sounds that are grinding or rubbing should be looked at immediately. Long skipping stitches can reveal that the unit needs to be cleaned. Regular maintenance will extend the life of your machine.

The Industrial Sewing Machine

Industrial sewing machines are much larger in size, and they are twice as powerful. To make sure safety is assured a professional should look at the equipment for regular inspections. The thread used in this type of machine is very sturdy than the standard threads. It is made with heavier components. They also use much thicker needles and often work with very strong materials. They are designed to last long periods of time.



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