Common Mistakes Interior Decorators See in Washington, DC Homes


There are many homeowners in the Washington, DC area who have the ability to create beautiful spaces in their residence. There are also some common mistakes that people make when trying to create a room that looks like something in a magazine or on a website.

Hiring professional interior decorators ensures your home looks amazing once the process is complete. Top professionals work closely with clients throughout the decorating project, taking ideas, preferences, and must-have elements and developing a customized space that is ideal for the home and the homeowners.

The most common do-it-yourself home decorating mistakes seen by Washington, DC interior decorators include:

• Furniture and room out of balance – large furniture in a small room or small furniture in a large room makes things look out of balance. Adding pieces that are the right size for the room, and that provide different heights, and different sizes creates interest and flow through the room.
• No overall plan – while eclectic designs and unique items can work well in a room together, they have to be carefully selected to develop an overall plan or design for the space.
• Too cluttered – to many items of any type, including furniture, accent items, artwork, or even lamps and lighting makes a room look crowded and cluttered.
• Too sparsely decorated – minimal styles are very trendy, and they are stunning in their presentation. However, they are not sparse or lacking in pieces in the room. With minimalist styles, it is critical to choose each piece to have the maximum impact and to add to the overall décor of the room.
Hiring interior decorators helps to prevent these typical do-it-yourself home decorating issues. It allows you to relax while the professional creates your ideal space.
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Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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