Commercial and Residential Fire Alarm Systems in Vancouver, WA

by | Jun 17, 2022 | Security Services

Fire alarm systems in Vancouver, WA, are inspected by local authorities annually. Commercial fire alarm systems have different and often, higher standards. As a business owner or homeowner, your fire alarm systems must be up to date. Do you have a hard-wired system? Are your smoke detectors working properly? Did you buy an old property with outdated hardware? You may not know the answer to these questions. A professional fire alarm system installation company can help you assess your current system and provide solutions.

Installation and Inspections

Professional fire alarm system installation companies can upgrade and install new fire alarm systems in Vancouver, WA, that meet regulatory agency requirements. If you own a business, you must protect your employees. An old fire alarm system puts your employees and the neighboring buildings at risk. Vancouver, WA regulatory professionals may also fine, suspend, or revoke your business license. You must not only have your fire alarm system up to date but also perform inspections regularly. An expert fire alarm system company can send a professional to your business to inspect and assess your setup.

Faulty Wiring

Your fire alarm system may be properly installed but not function if you have faulty wiring in your residence or commercial building. In any installation project, unexpected expenses will arise. If you need a hard-wired fire alarm system, the installation worker may advise you to have an electrician rewire your home. The costs of both an electrician and installation are expensive; however, the cost of a poorly or non-functioning fire alarm system can cost you and many others your lives.

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