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Even if you have a perfectly good bong, being on the lookout for another one is the norm. There are times when bongs in Long Island break or you simply tire of your old one and want a change.

There are so many devices for smoking that you really can only consider one at a time, if you were to bring pipes or vaporizers into the frame you may become so confused that you will never get around to looking at new bongs in Long Island. First is the material that your bong will be made from, glass is classic but there are plenty of them made from ceramic, plastic and even wood. If you’re on a budget then stay focused on plastic, if you have a bit more cash then move up to ceramic and bamboo. There is no way to effectively lay out a roadmap to buying a bong, it is a very personal experience, but let’s make a few pointers.

Everybody knows what Bongs In Long Island are used for and they are not used as lug wrenches. It’s not what they are going to be used for that’s of interest, how often they are used and how they are used is something else again. A bong that is only used a couple of times a week and only used by yourself at home will be very different from a bong that gets used a couple of times a day, is shared with buddies and goes with you on road trips.

Be aware of your lung capacity when you go for size; a bong with a chamber that is too large to be cleared in one draw is not what you want because you are not maximizing on the bongs potential. The smoke that’s left in for the second hit will taste stale. Just remember that when buying bongs; “bigger is not necessarily better”.

A technical bong is a great investment if it’s for personal use only. Glass bongs with percs, diffusers, ice catchers and the likes can give a great experience but because the accessories are so fragile, a highly technical bong really is a one man device. If you tend to pass your bong don’t shy away from glass, there are plenty of sturdy glass Bongs In Long Island that can stand the gaff.

A great selection of bongs in Long Island can be seen at BURN in Wantagh, NY. BURN have a wide variety of glass bongs and hand-blown water pipes as well as smoking accessories.

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