Choosing Quality Signage Service in Long Island NY for Your Business


If you are opening up or have an existing business in Long Island, NY, you need to look at the various ways of promoting it. Signage service in Long Island, NY has a significant role to play in this. Yet, for signs to be successful, you need to understand specific characteristics and the tasks they have to perform.

Quality Signs

If you are looking for an effective way to drive foot traffic to your store, you need to look at the functions and types of signs available. Begin by looking at what you require. Consider such aspects as:

* Function: What do you want from the sign? Is it to help differentiate products, services or sales’ items? Does it point to items? Does it identify your Chicago store/business? Is it intended to attract or to explain?

* Location: Where do you want to place the signs? Is it an exterior or interior sign? Both indicate different approaches by design and printing experts.

* Type: What type of signage are you considering? Do you want stand-alone or mounted signs? What about banners? Are you going to hang them swinging above the entry to the store, from the ceiling or on a wall?

* Size: Based upon location and function, what size do you expect to use? Remember, some printers can only address set sizes.

* Shape: Shapes can vary. Do you have a certain style in mind? Will it be possible to print and run off such a shape?

* Design: Remember to talk to a printer and a designer about effective designs. Even if the plan is to use text alone, you will need to look at things such as size and color as well as specific effects.


Signs are an affordable and very significant part of any business venture. When done correctly, they reinforce, promote, draw attention and provide clear, concise information. Signage is one way you can promote your Chicago business, what it represents and the services it offers in a cost-effective manner.

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    Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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