Check the List: Chiropractors Could Be the First to Call After a Work-Related Injury

by | Dec 16, 2013 | Healthcare

Slipping on a wet floor, pulling your shoulder out of place while lifting a heavy box, carpal tunnel from working at the computer all day – work injuries happen and should not be taken lightly. What do you do if you get hurt while on the job? Medical bills will be coming in, and while healing, you will still have the mortgage to pay and will need to put food on the table for your family. It is important to take the right steps so that you can protect yourself and ensure that you get the help you need.

Take Action
Once you have reported the injury to your boss or to human resources, you need to take care of your injury. Some companies have a doctor on-site, but it is likely your employer has a list of physicians. Some state laws require employers to have a list and to keep it in a public place for all employees to see. These lists should include doctors the company trusts.
When employers list chiropractors, Las Vegas employees should make sure to call them immediately after an accident. The longer you wait, the greater the chance your employer can claim you were not hurt.

Get Help and Document It
Employers list chiropractors for a reason: they can help diagnose and treat your injury quickly and professionally. Be honest and tell the doctor everything. Make sure the doctor is taking notes so that nothing will come back to cause you problems later. Do not miss any of your appointments and do exactly as the doctor directs you.  This will help you to heal properly and will support your case if your accident ends up becoming a legal battle.

Get Back to Work Quickly
It is better for you and for your employer if your injury is taken care of, and you can start working again. Choosing a reliable chiropractor can make all the difference. Some chiropractic offices are full-service centers that can treat multiple issues in one visit and get you back to work sooner. Chiropractors deal in noninvasive treatments, so overnight stays at the hospital will not hold you back from being back on the job as soon as possible.

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