Change Your Sales Approach With Sales Mindset Coaching


It can be incredibly frustrating for sales professionals to do everything right only to walk away without a sale. Many of these sales professionals have put in the work to learn the latest in sales techniques, only to find they simply do not seem to provide the desired results.

To make matters worse, in many cases, the top selling professionals in the department or the company do not follow those recommended sales techniques. Instead, they seem to use their own method that results in high sales volume on a consistent basis.

The difference in the two sales professionals is not professionalism or commitment, but it is sales mindset. The sales professional working with a client with a mindset on closing a sale is less likely to make a sale than a sales professional with the mindset of solving the client’s problem.

Changing Your Mindset

Changing your thinking around sales is not easy. It is hard to think about how we think unless we have outside support. One of the most effective ways to change how we think is to participate in sales mindset coaching.

Sales mindset coaching provides one-on-one, confidential meetings between the coach and the sales professional. These coaches should be experienced sales leaders with a proven record of being a top-seller.

The process of sales mindset coaching allows for discussion, exploration, and development of a successful, problem-solving approach to sales. Once the salesperson stops thinking about selling and looks to solving the customer’s problem, the sales start to happen.

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    Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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