Can I Sue if I’ve Been in an Elevator Incident?


Getting Stuck in an Elevator

If you have ever ridden in an elevator, you have probably thought about what might happen if you became stuck in one. So, what are your odds of getting stuck? According to an executive at one unnamed elevator company, about one out of every one million rides results in entrapment. Although this is a rather comforting statistic, you may still be one of the unlucky individuals who end up stuck between floors. Thankfully, our Chicago injury attorneys can help.

Injuries and Fatalities

Although riding in an elevator is basically very safe, safer than riding in a car, approximately 17,000 injuries and 30 fatalities are attributed to elevator accidents each year in the U.S., according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

If I’ve Been Injured, Can I Sue for Damages?

As with any other type of personal injury, if you have been injured in any type of elevator incident, you definitely can sue the parties responsible. When it comes to who is liable, there are several parties that may be held liable for your injuries and emotional stress. These include the elevator manufacturer, the building owner, and the building management company.

In order to receive compensation, you will have to prove that the parties being sued owed a duty of care to you, and that they breached that duty. You must also prove that the breach of duty caused an injury and that you suffered actual damages from the incident.

Damages may include monetary compensation for pain and suffering, medical bills, loss of wages, and wrongful death in the case of a fatality. If an elevator accident caused you or someone you love to become permanently disabled, your attorney will help you determine future expenses as well as the correct amount of compensation you should seek.

If you were involved in an incident that involved you being stuck in an elevator, the courts will almost always require proof of a physical injury or mental distress manifesting itself as a physical injury, such as the development or exacerbation of a stomach ulcer. The best way to ensure you have a viable legal case is to contact an experienced personal injury attorney.

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