Caltronics Print Circuit Board Assembly in Illinois

by | Nov 6, 2013 | Electronics and Electrical

Does your company ever have the need for the comprehensive services of an electronics engineering company in the Midwest area of the US? Caltronics Design and Assembly Inc. serves areas in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Illinois. Any and everything related to the design of electronics as well as the assembly of the parts is no problem for the company. In particular, the business is known for the best Print Circuit board assembly in Illinois and other regions in the area. Some of the design projects of Caltronics include Mechanical Designs, Analog Design, Embedded Microcontrollers, and Network Enabled Devices.

Mechanical Designs such as target lifters are used in firearms training by law enforcement officers, sportsmen, hunters, and others wishing to use a substantial practice target as opposed to tin cans set up on a stump. The lifter can raise targets weighing 50 pounds, and multiple lifters may be used to lift large targets that may be shaped like a tank for military training. The lifter can leverage large objects to move up and down by remote control, and it has been shown to improve marksmanship. On the firing range, a life-like target may be automatically dropped when it receives a hit. Anyone who has seen the movie Men in Black will know the kind of pop-up/pop-down targets Will Smith and the other MIB wannabes were gunning for on the shooting range.

Other design projects include embedded microcontrollers, and network enabled devices. These embedded designs use FPGAs also known as field programmable gate arrays. These are integrated circuits or semiconductor devices that can be configured or programmed after they are manufactured. CPLDs or complex programmable logic devices are also used in these designs as are microcontrollers. An example of a network enabled device is a network controlled solenoid driver that has 242 outputs by using four CPLDs and an FPGA.

Caltronics can start from simple drawings on napkins to work towards a Print Circuit board assembly in Illinois. Making a circuit board is fairly complex, so you should hire a professional company like Caltronics. They will have the proper equipment and expertise to bring your napkin drawings to life as a circuit board!

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