Battling Insurance Fraud with Insurance Defense in Sturgis, SD

by | Oct 21, 2013 | Lawyers

Insurance is very important for many people looking to have some financial security in life. Whether it be medical insurance, life insurance, auto insurance or any other type of insurance, insurance is a very crucial thing for millions of people to have. There are some people out there however that see the insurance system in this country as an easy way to make some money. Insurance fraud is a serious crime in this country, and it has a serious impact on the way your insurance company handles their claims. Insurance fraud is a huge drag on the insurance system, causing serious loses and raising the cost of premiums for everyone. There are attorneys, though, who work in Insurance Defense in Sturgis, SD that attempt to do battle against those that are trying to do harm to the insurance companies.

Insurance fraud is a big problem in the insurance industry. The Coalition Against Insurance Fraud estimates that in 2006 insurance fraud cost the industry upwards of $80 Million here in the United States. This can cause insurance premiums to rise for everyone. Because of this, insurance companies do have leverage when battling suspected insurance fraud artists. If you are a business or an insurance company and you suspect someone of committing insurance fraud, contact an attorney of Insurance Defense in Sturgis SD to help you.

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