Bats in the Attic? Call for Bat Removal in Westerville OH Immediately


Bats generally do not bother humans, though they have been known to bite when they feel threatened. Often, this happens when a bat gets inside of a home and tries to live there, then is disturbed by the homeowner trying to remove them. Instead, it’s a better idea for any homeowner who discovers bats or signs of bats in their home to call a professional for bat removal in Westerville OH.

Are Bats Dangerous?

Bats can be dangerous. They generally avoid humans outside, but when they’re inside they can bite if they feel cornered. Bats can carry rabies, and there may not be any signs of this until they bite someone. They can also carry other diseases, so any bite should be treated seriously and medical care should be sought immediately. Due to the small size of their teeth, it can be hard to tell if someone has been bitten by a bat. If someone believes it’s possible they were bitten, they should speak with a doctor just in case.

Can Bats Damage the Home?

Bats will damage the home trying to find a way in if there isn’t already a hole that’s big enough for them to get into. On top of this, they can damage the framing in the attic when they’re sleeping as they use the rafters to hang from. Their droppings can also damage the flooring or insulation in the attic. The can be toxic so homeowners should not attempt to clean this up on their own.

Why is a Pro Needed to Remove Bats?

Since bats can carry rabies and other diseases, it’s not recommended for homeowners to attempt to remove them on their own. Instead, a pro can trap and release the bat far from home, ensuring it will not return, then help the homeowner with cleanup and with repairing the home so bats cannot get in the attic again.

If you’ve noticed signs of a bat inside your home, make sure you contact a pro for bat removal in Westerville OH immediately. They’ll make sure the bats are completely gone so your home is safe to live in. Visit the website for Wildlife Control Company Inc. now to learn more about how they can help with bat removal.

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Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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