Bathroom Remodeling Essentials


When it comes to remodeling, the bathroom is one of the easiest rooms to renovate; this is partly due to its small size. The bathroom remodeling process does not have to be anything extensive and could involve nothing more than a few simple decorations on the surface. If you prefer, you can give the entire restroom a major overhaul, which will involve the replacement of the toilet and shower stalls. This will definitely require the work of professional contractors as the extent of the project will require cutting into the walls and working with the interior pipes.

When it comes to bathroom remodeling in Oshkosh, WI, there are two aspects you should take into consideration: the outer appearance as well as the function. For the latter, you can make some adjustments, such as changing the toilet with a brand new dual flush model, which uses less water and makes your home more environmentally efficient.

Most often, however, the renovation work is done for aesthetic purposes. Because the bathroom is the smallest room in the home, a small amount of work can drastically change the appearance. This includes small additions like towel bars and rings. Even the towels you use for drying yourself can be used as decorations when they are resting on the bar and not in use. In addition, you can add small decoration items on the sink counter.

Bathroom remodeling in Oshkosh, WI can also be more extensive. You can, for instance, switch out the shower nozzle and handles with more aesthetically appealing ones; chrome faucets and nozzles are popular choices. You can also replace the shower door or have the sink counter replaced with a marble or granite countertop.

You can also consider having the entire walls replaced. If you want to renovate the walls, then tiles are recommended. If you use paint or wallpaper, either of those will tend to fade in color and peel away due to the moisture from the vapor of the water. This can also cause the walls to rot and corrode if the wooden portion becomes exposed.

The bathroom may be the smallest room, but it can still benefit immensely if you give it a little makeover work. Bathroom remodeling in Oshkosh, WI does not have to be anything too extensive, just a little touch up here and there can really go a long way.

Bathroom remodeling should be done by a professional contractor particularly if you are looking to have the showers and toilet replaced. Get in touch with Steve Wirtz Builders Inc.

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