Auto Insurance For First Time Drivers


As a first time driver, or a parent of a first time driver, it can be scary to think about someone less experienced being behind the wheel of an automobile. Texting while driving, not paying attention, a ringing phone, and messing with the radio are just some of the things that parents worry their teen will do while driving. The best thing a parent can do is educate their child on the importance of eliminating distractions and give them the proper education they need to operate a vehicle safely. As soon as the teen gets a learner’s permit, it is time to look into Auto Insurance Puyallup for them. If you yourself are the new driver, do not get behind the wheel without proper auto insurance coverage.

Rates are typically higher for new drivers, just because they do not have years of experience under their belts. The insurance company decides that the risk is higher due to a lack of experience, and therefore charges more based on the probability increase in an accident. There are ways to get a lower rate, such as asking about a student discount. Some companies offer discounts to high school or college students. Others have programs for students that have good grades. A report card may be needed as proof of the grades or student ID may be needed to prove that the person needing insurance is a student.

Auto Insurance Puyallup may have programs for new drivers or offer education classes. They do not want their drivers having accidents, and are likely to offer tips of pamphlets on how to be a better driver. Keep in mind that keeping your driver’s record clean and free of accidents and tickets will mean lower insurance rates in the future.

Some insurance policies cover minor drivers that are in the learning process on a parent’s policy without any additional fee or coverage needed. Be sure to cal the auto insurance company and ask. Once a child gets their own license they will need to be listed as a licensed driver on the policy in order to be legally covered.

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