At the Child Care facility in East Rockaway they will Love Your Child as Their Own.


From infancy to preschool, children are sponges soaking up the world around them. Given the opportunity, their little minds will grow rapidly, taking it all in. Infants exposed to sign language can communicate with others long before verbal language skills develop. A child that is challenged, is a child whose mind is opened up. When you need to put your children in a daycare situation, you need a loving environment full of opportunities in a Child Care East Rockaway facility that you can trust. Business Name will love, nurture and teach your children in a safe and stimulating environment.

Starting with infants, the facility for Child Care East Rockaway, has programs designed to give your baby a sense of security. Professionals that adore babies will spend the day with your infant fully engaged. With a well researched program developed for infants, they will open the world of learning in a gentle and engaging way. Sign language is taught to enable non-verbal infants a way of communicating. Studies have shown that this exposure enriches the language learning experience. The infancy program flows naturally into the toddler program, opening up yet another level of development and understanding of the world around them.

Toddlers need to learn about boundaries, communication, self-expression and how the world works. At the Child Care East Rockaway they will teach your toddler in a gentle and loving way, with positive teaching methods and examples. They will be engaged in song, dance and play that will open up a world of possibilities for your little one. Studies have shown that children taught early on about social skills do better academically and socially when they are older and are ready for preschool. Preschool and Pre-K programs are available at the Child Care East Rockaway building, making sure your children are prepared socially and academically for school and the abundant opportunities that lie before them.

With a well researched and designed curriculum, your children will blossom into kids that are socially confident, academically prepared and ready to enter school full time. Every day, you will receive a written report of your child’s activities and progress. You will be well informed, not missing a thing. When you need to put your little one in Child Care East Rockaway, you can feel confident and secure knowing that they are being loved and trained in a way you can feel good about.

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