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General dentistry is vital for good oral hygiene and to prevent any diseases or cosmetic issues that arise if teeth aren’t taken care of properly. If you are looking for a dentist in Fairfax, here are some of the services that you may expect.

What Services Does General Dentistry Provide?

General dentistry, such as a Cascades Dental of Centreville, provides general services such as teeth cleaning. It is vital to visit the dentist every six months for a tooth cleaning appointment to keep your teeth healthy and prevent any future infection.

However, sometimes your teeth need special attention that require a specific procedure. If issues do arise with your teeth, a dentist in Fairfax can help. These services include:

  • Teeth fillings: the dentist fills in any gaps in the enamel to keep your teeth strong
  • Crowns: a crown is placed on decayed teeth to prevent further damage
  • Bridges: these fill in gaps between teeth
  • Sealants: these are plastic coverings that prevent acid from wearing down the back teeth used for chewing
  • Extractions: infected teeth are pulled
  • Root canals: this involves removing the decayed parts of a tooth and filling the space with a medicated substance to save the uninfected part of the tooth

Is General Dentistry Expensive?

A dentist in Fairfax will most likely take insurance that will cover most of the services listed above. Most insurance plans will provide free teeth cleaning every six months, and the other insurance plans might require a small out-of-pocket fee for additional services.

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Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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