Are you dealing with the right real estate management company in East County, CA?

by | Feb 19, 2013 | Real Estate

When investment properties are professionally managed there is a tendency for the yield to be higher than when they are owner managed. Perhaps an owner can manage a single property that is literally next door to their residence while they work part-time and they are an all-around handyman. Property investors rarely live next door to any of their properties; they are better off spending their time building their investment portfolio and odds are they are not handymen. When you have investments worth many thousands of dollars, you are well advised to use professional real estate management company in East County, CA.

There are many property management companies but as an owner you owe it to yourself to find the best and use the best. The difference in monthly fees between the best and second best are not all that great and the savings and increased revenue that you will recognize by going with the best is quite significant.

What to look for when looking for a property management company:

Complete transparency:
As the owner it is up to you, how much or how little hands-on you are with your properties. You may be comfortable with letting the management company take care of everything; conversely you may want to be involved in the details. Regardless of what you do, real estate management in East County, CA should never vary from making every detail of the property available. Professional managers provide their owner/clients with a web portal, which allows the owner to check the status of their property if they wish, when they wish and from where they wish. With unfettered access, the owner must be able to see the current operating reports and financial statements.

Clear terms:
The contract you enter with the property manager must be clear, all terms and conditions must be succinct. Every task which has been identified as being the manager’s responsibility must be spelled out in detail. The relationship will run much smoother if both parties are aware of the other’s responsibilities under the terms of the contract.

Clear costs:
This is an area which can confuse many owners. There are companies that appear to have equal services, but their fees are lower. Do not be fooled by this, it is easy to say you are going to do something, and then either don’t do it at all or cut corners with the task. The fees charged by a highly experienced firm of property managers are based on a monthly charge and a leasing fee. These fees are fair, and you will get excellent service. You have a serious investment; make sure you get a serious management team.

For real estate management in East County CA, look for the team with local knowledge, experience and proven reliability. Call the experts at Real Property Management – Titanium, East County, the number is 619-344-0900

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