Alternatives to Knee Replacement That Dont Require Surgery in Maine

by | Jul 4, 2024 | Pain Management

If chronic knee pain has you thinking about getting a knee replacement, you can explore other treatment options that dont require surgery to find out if any of them offer you relief. Here are a few of the best non surgical alternatives to knee replacement in Maine.

Strength Training

Weak muscles around the knee can cause instability of the knee joint that leads to chronic pain. By strengthening the muscles around the knee, you may eliminate your pain and save yourself from having to undergo further treatment. Leg lifts, bridges and step-ups are among the best knee-strengthening exercises. You can also try doing squats with or without weights if they dont cause you pain.

Dietary Supplements

Certain supplements have been formulated specifically to improve bone and joint health and regenerate the knee without surgery. Some of the best supplements for knee health include natural ingredients, such as vitamin D, turmeric root extract and boswellia serrata extract.

Regenerative Knee Therapies

There are different regenerative therapies that are available to help improve knee health and reduce pain and dont require surgery. These therapies do more than treat the symptoms and are able to address the underlying problems that are contributing to knee pain. A medical professional can tell you more about the specific regenerative knee therapies that are available and help you choose the treatment that will likely be the most beneficial for you.

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