Affordable Self Storage Units In The Lubbock Area

by | Jun 24, 2013 | Storage

Everyone can use some extra space to store the stuff they don’t want in their home. Most people have an excess of belongings that they wish to keep, for sentimental sake, or they obtained it at some point in the past and feel they aren’t ready to get rid of it yet due to its usefulness. Whatever the reason, there are many options one can make use of to store their belongings safely and securely, whether it’s on their own property or through a self storage company.

Self storage companies offer store rooms in varying sizes, which are safe and secure for storing any type of items in them. They range from small store rooms you can store a few boxes or small furniture in, to ones large enough to fit a car in, depending on the size of their facility. Every storage company is different and will offer different size rooms to rent, but the average sizes range from the smaller 5 foot by 5 foot (25 square feet) up to 10 foot by 30 foot (300 square foot). The larger 300 square footage room would hold on average, the contents of a 5 to 7 bedroom home, or five office rooms worth of furniture or inventory depending on if you go for a residential or commercial use of the room. The smaller 25 square foot room could hold possibly a mattress set, chest of drawers, a few boxes or small items, and would be useful for garden tools or seasonal items if residential is your route. If going for a commercial use, the 25 square foot would hold the equivalent of an office closet containing files, books, a few boxes, and some office chairs.

On average, Self Storage Lubbock rooms are rented out to families who have an excess of belongings and need a place to keep all their stuff without worrying about losing it. These facilities offer security, climate controlled rooms so nothing can get ruined by heat or moisture, dust control to keep things clean and safe, and easy truck access for loading and unloading. They’re very handy for people who may be moving as well, as they can store their belongings and furniture in a storage unit, just in case they do not yet have a new home to move in to, or their new home isn’t quite finished getting set up yet.

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