Advantages of Installing Roller Shutters

by | May 21, 2013 | Doors & Windows

Roller shutters are one of the most secure door features you can get as a safeguard for your home. They have many benefits that go beyond just security, however. These shutters, which can be used on windows, as well as doors, come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but are usually made from fibreglass or metal. Here are some of the key benefits.
Most roller shutters are injected with a thick wall of polyurethane. This is a fantastic insulation material. It creates a barrier between all heat energy transfer between the building and the environment outside which you simply can’t get from an ordinary door. This means that on a summers day, the heat from the outside can’t get in. Conversely, during the winter, heat from the inside can’t escape. This will save you significant sums in energy bills. As the doors and windows are the thinnest parts of your home, insulation in these areas is key to energy efficiency.
Increased privacy
Roller shutters can fully insulate you from the outside world. This includes both noise and weather protection. Whatever is going on outside, you’ll be protected inside from any interference. At the same time, what you’re doing inside won’t be transmitted outside. These Roller shutters In London are perfect for shutting out the outside light too, so you can be perfectly insulated behind roller shutters.
The biggest benefit of roller shutters is of course security. They are much more difficult to break through because of the strong material they are made from and their construction. They are carefully locked into the frame of the door or window and become a sturdy part of the building’s structure. What’s more, due to the way they are installed, their locks can’t be jammed open as easily as a normal door. Normal wooden doors also have hinges which are a weak point. Not so with roller shutters.
Cost and installation
The best thing about roller shutters in London is that they are incredibly cheap. They cost the fraction of the cost of traditional doors because they don’t need to be as decorative. They are also much easier to install with normally a single roller needed just to be attached to the top of the door or window frame.
Maintenance of these roller shutters is also easier than other types of door. Wooden doors can easily get chipped and if someone graffiti’s on them, it’s difficult to remove. With roller shutters, however, even if there is graffiti, you can simply roll up the shutters and no one will see. Also, because of the material they are made of, they are much more difficult to damage; metal doesn’t chip like wood can.

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