Add Some USB Outlets During an Electrical Installation in Salem OR


The holidays are the time for gift-giving, and gadgets are becoming more popular by the day. No matter how these gadgets are acquired, they all have one thing in common: they must be charged. That can make for a crowded outlet space, but a local electrician may be able to help. Read on to learn how an Electrical Installation in Salem OR can help bring more USB power to any home.

Choosing Carefully

There are numerous models and brands of USB outlets, and not all are the same. One major difference lies in the configuration and type of USB ports. Some of these outlets have multiple USB-A ports, like those found on a laptop. Others have USB-C ports, which are the type found on new smartphones. If family members have both types of devices, choose an outlet with different USB connections. USB outlets don’t provide surge protection; this technology must be installed on the main panel by an electrician.

Taking it Easy

Exchanging one outlet for another is usually a simple operation, but it’s also risky because it requires the adjustment of electric wiring. For that reason, it’s best to leave these jobs to the pros. The electrician will turn off the circuit breaker before doing any work and they will change the electrical boxes if necessary.

Other Important Considerations

Another thing to think about is that a USB combo outlet might not have GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) technology, which means they may not be right for the entire home. A GFCI outlet will automatically detect the interrupted flow of electricity, shutting down the affected circuit. This prevents accidental shocks, especially in the kitchen, the bathroom, and other areas where electricity and water are close together. For these reasons, a USB outlet Electrical Installation in Salem OR may be a code violation. A local electrician will help homeowners make these upgrades in a compliant, safe way.

Call Today

Is it time to upgrade some of the home’s outlets to include USB ports? It may be! Visit our website for more details or call the experts today to schedule an electrical repair or installation.

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    Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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