A Truck Accident Lawyer in Live Oak, FL Helps Clients After a Tanker or Flatbed Load Spill


Heavy truck accidents sometimes occur when their load spills onto the road. This is more likely with flatbed trailers on which the load was not secured properly, but sometimes spills from tanker trucks cause accidents. A truck accident lawyer in Live Oak, FL represents clients who have been seriously injured in these situations.

Potential Consequences

When one of these accidents occurs between a heavy truck or its cargo and a passenger vehicle, the passenger car is likely to be destroyed. People inside the car commonly suffer severe injuries that require surgery and hospitalization. Sometimes there are fatalities. A truck accident lawyer in Live Oak, FL represents the injured clients or the family of a person who was killed in the collision.

Flatbed and Tanker Spills

Flatbeds commonly carry loads of lumber and large metal pipes. Some tanker trucks carry relatively harmless fluid, although an unexpected huge spill of milk on the road can still cause a collision. The situation is dramatically worse when the liquid is flammable, explosive or chemically hazardous.

If a flammable or explosive material catches fire, it can cause third-degree burns and fatalities. Hazardous materials can cause chemical burns, respiratory problems and long-term negative effects on health. All of these materials will make the pavement slippery, and some are worse than others.

A large number of vehicles can be affected by a spill on the road as they try to avoid the materials, or as they try to avoid other drivers who have lost control. This type of spill on a busy highway, whether the material is a load of lumber or a tank of crude oil, can easily become catastrophic for one person or many.

Legal Representation

A lawyer like Duane E. Thomas takes calls at any time of day, including on weekends, and will even come to the person’s home if that prospective client cannot make it to the law office. The attorney provides professional legal representation to ensure that clients receive the maximum amount they deserve from the trucking company or its insurance company. Anyone dealing with this kind of situation can find contact information at the website Northfloridaautoaccidentlawyer.com.

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Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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