A Septic System Service Company in Bellingham WA Can Keep Your Septic Running Correctly

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The septic system of your home needs to be maintained just like you need to maintain your car. If you don’t maintain your septic system, it can cost you thousands of dollars to repair it or to replace it. If you have a septic system at your home or are purchasing a home with a septic system, contact a Septic System Service Company in Belleingham WA to check your system for proper operation.

It is recommended not to place food down the sink the drain and not to flush feminine hygiene products or paper towels in your toilet. These items add to the solids in your tank in addition to clogging the pipe of your septic system. Waste from your home leaves your home through a series of pipes into your septic tank. The septic tank holds solids on the bottom and above the solids is a layer of water and on the top of the water is a scum. The gray water on top of the solids drains out of the septic system into a drain field to a set of distribution boxes. These distribution boxes drain your water into a leech filed for filtration.

If your septic tank becomes too full, the solids push into the pipe leading to your drain field and will clog the system. This is when the pipes will need removed from the ground and a new series of pipes installed. This could also require permits from the area you live in. It is important to have your septic system pumped regularly. The more people you have living in your home, the sooner your tank will need to be pumped. A professional company has a truck and a hose that can usually reach your septic tank and eliminate the possibility of destroying your lawn.

It doesn’t matter what type of waste system you need checked or repaired, you need to call a professional septic system company. They can repair car wash sand pits, mud sumps, waste water holding pits, pumping of septic tanks and restaurant food traps.

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