A Dissolution Legal Separation Lawyer in Carlsbad CA Helps Married Couples Who Are Not Yet Ready to Divorce


In California, divorce is legally known as dissolution of marriage. Marriages also can end through the annulment process, although this is uncommon. Couples who are not yet ready to split for good may decide to enter into a legal separation arrangement instead. They can do so with the assistance of a Dissolution Legal Separation Lawyer in Carlsbad CA.

Documenting the Arrangement

A dissolution legal separation lawyer in Carlsbad CA files forms with the court documenting this arrangement. The documentation protects the rights of both partners. Each should have his or her own lawyer for representation, as otherwise there could be conflict of interest.

Examples of Details

Agreements about who is responsible for certain bills are included in the legal separation paperwork. The couple may each pay half of the monthly mortgage payment and that home’s utility bills, for instance, even if one spouse has moved out. This may be part of the agreement as to where the children will reside. Both parents may want to maintain a stable household where the kids have been growing up. Eventually, if they decide to divorce, they will need to make decisions about the house.

This legal separation paperwork completed at an organization such as the Law Office of Cynthia Ann Harris also covers agreements about child custody and visitation. This is similar to the way dissolution of marriage documents would address the agreements. Even if this split is amicable, it’s important to set forth the arrangement in writing to prevent unexpected disruptions in the future.

An Alternative to Divorce

In some instances, the couple has no interest in ever living together again, but they also see no reason to end the marriage for now. A legal separation can be an effective alternative. The spouses live their separate lives for the most part as single individuals even though they are still legally married. They might attend events together as a married couple, especially those that involve their children. This can be disconcerting at first to their relatives and friends, but people tend to get used to the idea after a while. Schedule an appointment to get started on the process.

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    Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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