A Disastrous Toilet Backup in Marion, IA is Likely Caused by One of These


A Disastrous Toilet Backup in Marion, IA is Likely Caused by One of These Most households will experience clogged toilets at some point. These instances may not occur often. However, if they do, property owners need to have them addressed. This can protect their homes and reduce the anxiety and frustration that often accompanies this nuisance. The following points represent commonly overlooked reasons that cause toilets to back up.

Tree Roots

You may view any existing trees on your property aesthetically appealing. The location of the trees may negatively impact your plumbing system and cause clogging issues. Tree roots can grow undetected and extend into pipes beneath the ground. The roots seek the moisture-rich environment in pipes.

Foreign Objects

Plumbers in Marion, IA, can detail items that need not get flushed down your toilet. Some items such as wipes may have labeling that suggests they are septic safe. Other items such as hair, paper towels, dental floss, and cotton balls can also cause issues.

Substance Buildup

Substances such as calcium and grease can build up in drain lines and cause clogs. Grease may enter drain lines when dishes get washed or through careless disposal down drains. Calcium buildup may occur if you have hard water supplying your home. You can combat calcium build-up by investing in a water softener.

If you experience a toilet backup, include professional plumbers in Marion, IA, to help you resolve the issue. Their services will protect you against extensive property damages that could occur from raw sewage and water.

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    Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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