A Brief Overview of Service Needs for Central Air Conditioning in Southwestern Florida


A very large percentage of U.S. residents have Air Conditioning in their homes now, and the percentage is even higher in southern states where the weather is warm or hot most of the year. Central air is standard in southwest Florida, for instance, although some area residents still rely on room air conditioners. In this type of climate, central air actually is more efficient than a window model is unless the household truly only needs the cooling effects for a small part of the home.

Humidity Control

In addition to cooling the air, humidity control is also important in this part of the country. Muggy weather is common along with the heat. A central Air Conditioning contractor can install a whole-house dehumidifier with the system. Although central air does reduce moisture to a certain extent, further dehumidification usually is necessary in this climate.

Examples of Problems

Many things can go wrong with a cooling system, especially in a hot and humid region like Naples, Florida. Area residents demand a lot from their air conditioners. Refrigerant can start to leak, electronic sensors can fail, and fan motors can malfunction. Customers of a central air system contractor want prompt repair service if the unit stops cooling the home effectively or quits working altogether.

Unusual Symptoms

Sometimes a symptom develops that seems troubling even though the equipment appears to be working effectively. An example is a unit that starts to run more frequently but for much shorter periods of time. This is the opposite of how central air conditioners are supposed to work, and the motor can burn out if the situation continues long enough.

Types of Service

Southwest Florida residents with central air systems need annual maintenance service from a company such as Jones Air Conditioning & Electric, along with the reassurance that technicians will be available in case of an emergency breakdown. Installation service also is provided. In this climate, central air units may only last 10 or 15 years because they are used for so may months each year, often in very hot weather. Information on this particular contractor can be viewed at. You can connect with them on Facebook for more updates!

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    Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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