A Brief Breakdown of Medicinal Marijuana Products in Will County


Now that medical marijuana is legal in Illinois, you have a few different options for how to consume it. If you’re approved to purchase medical marijuana in Will County, keep reading for a brief breakdown of some of the different forms of this medicine available at dispensaries across the state.

Marijuana Flowers

Flowers, also known as buds, are an unprocessed part of the cannabis plant that contains the highest levels of THC, the chemical responsible for marijuana’s psychoactive effects. Flowers will generally either be Sativas, Indicas or hybrids of the two. In general, Sativa flowers impart energy to its users, whereas Indicas are typically heavy on the body. For the best of both worlds, you’ll want to choose hybrids.

Marijuana Concentrates

Concentrates are processed forms of marijuana that have extremely elevated levels of THC. They come in many forms and are more expensive by weight than marijuana flowers. Many of the concentrates, such as shatter and crumble, are produced using solvents such as butane and isopropyl alcohol, while other concentrates are extracted using the gas CO2. There are also marijuana concentrates available that are produced without the use of solvents or gas, like rosin. Instead, heat and pressure are used.

Marijuana Tinctures

Tinctures are liquids that contain high levels of THC or CBD. They are made by submerging marijuana flowers into a THC or CBD soluble liquid. After sitting in the liquid for the determined amount of time, the THC or CBD will enter the liquid. Tinctures are typically sold in eye-dropper bottles for easy consumption.

Marijuana Topicals

You can also find many products at dispensaries in Will County that are for external use only. Body oils, creams and bath salts can be purchased and contain both CBD and THC.

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    Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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